Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Toy Box Speedway Review

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Toy Box Speedway Review

Don’t get Toy Box Speedway for story. Get it because you enjoy racing and kart games. As a kart racer, Toy Box Speedway is a huge success. It’s the best racing experience that you can find in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. Heck, it’s the best racing the entire franchise has had, and a large part of that is due to the amazing tracks. There isn’t a single bad track included, and the Toy Box Game actually makes me wish that it had just a bit more. What was previously the weakest part of Disney Infinity 3.0 for me, has now been strengthened thanks to Toy Box Speedway.

The Positives

  • You’re getting a really good amount of franchise-themed tracks to race in here — 9 to be specific. There are tracks for Sugar Rush (Wreck-It Ralph), Frozen, Tatooine (Star Wars), San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6), Agrabah, Monsters Inc., Halloween Town (Nightmare Before Christmas), Gravity Falls, and Marvel’s Knowhere.

  • You’re not going to just be participating in a standard race. There are three different game modes — Time Trial, Race mode and Combat mode (think Mario Kart) that gives you various weapons to utilize. There are three different difficulties where you can earn different trophies. And with Race mode, you can take part in three different Grand Prix, each consisting of three race tracks.

  • The Race tracks are impeccably designed. Whereas creating your own track in Disney Infinity might give you fits where you get stuck or constantly go off-track, the tracks here resolve most of those problems.

  • The tracks also feel like the franchise they’re representing. They each have music, sound effects, and items and locations you’ll recognize from their franchise. My favorite was Halloween Town (maybe it’s the time of the year), which had Oogie Boogie’s big spinning roulette wheel, the shooting cowboy slot machines and more. But all of the tracks are amazing.

  • It really is a great solution for those looking to add a kart racer to Disney Infinity.

  • There’s a solid tutorial in the race arena serving as this Toy Box Game’s hub. It’ll teach you the basics, like drifting, boosts and controls. There are also rings to collect in the arena, which will require jumping and boosting.

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